There have been a very limited number of truly indigenous Azerbaijan companies capable of providing reliable, timely, and quality door-to-door container transportation service to and from Azerbaijan and Central Asia Counties using rail network.
The prime aim of ADY Express is to address this shortfall by providing its customers with “one stop shop” service enabling them to enjoy sustainable door-to-door container transport solution.
This is achieved through collaboration of TRACECA participants, commitment of major players to revive one of the most famous historical routes of the Silk Road, upgrading infrastructure, and best workforce in the industry.
ADY Express operates various regular container services between Europe and Asia as detailed below:
Turkey-Georgia-Azerbaijan-Central Asia
With dedicated container terminal in Baku we offer full range of container handling and transshipment services.
ADY Express also offers services based on rail containers between Turkey and Central Asia with no transshipment where empty return cost of container is taken care of by us which considerably reduces the cost of transport.

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